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Design Tools

MoFuse offers design tools that make it easy and flexible.

Our platform offers the mobile web design tools you need to get your mobile site looking exactly how you want it—no coding experience required. Our design tools include a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that makes adding and editing content as simple as using Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. We also offer a selection page templates so you can you easily style the layout of your site.

Have coding experience?
If you are a more experienced web developer, we have you covered! Whether you are a CSS-guru or are familiar with HTML we make it easy to code your pages directly. Our Look and Feel element allows you to build your own CSS to allow for the ultimate flexibility of the design of your site. Our WYSIWYG editor also allows you to edit the HTML of each page.

Building multiple websites?
After building one website that you like, instead of building another one from scratch our dashboard allows you to duplicate it and then begin to customize it saving you time if you plan on building multiple sites.

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