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Build Your Business By Touch

Your customers are mobile, which means they’re on the move and getting things done. They value the things that fit into that lifestyle. Let your business be one of them.

With MoFuse’s Click-to-Call feature, customers can dial a phone number with a single touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Click-to-Call?
Click-to-Call for mobile allows visitors to click and place a call to a specified phone number. The Click-to-Call feature is extremely useful and important for mobile websites. With users spending less than 5 seconds on a mobile page, they do not spend the time browsing through pages just to connect with your business. The Click-to-Call feature makes it convenient for visitors to find your number and call your business with a single click and convenient for you to convert that visitor into a lead or sale.

What is Click to SMS?
Click-to-SMS is similar to Click-to-Call except this feature offers the option to directly text message the specified number.

Does MoFuse Click-to-Call options offer Analytics, Reporting & Tracking?
Yes. Our Click-to-Call and Click-to-SMS features offer analytics and action tracking. You can report the number of calls, date and time and location of where calls were placed using our click to call features. We also offer standard analytics on our platform, advanced analytics integration and lead generation form analytics.

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