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Vancouver Observer goes Mobile with Local Olympic Twitter Directory Just in Time for the Opening Ceremonies!

Vancouver Observer goes Mobile with Local Olympic Twitter Directory Just in Time for the Opening Ceremonies!


Vancouver (Feb 10, 2010)— Today, Vancouver’s premium news magazine begins bringing original news and features writing to your handheld device, thanks to an exciting partnership with MoFuse and Developer Twittme.


“Now you can get the Vancouver Observer in the palm of your hand,” Vancouver Observer Publisher Linda Solomon said. “Check in with VO on your hand held device when you’re on the go. We’ll take you inside the Olympics, to competitions, parties, demonstrations and celebrations. We’ll be on the street and want to take you with us.”


Powered by partners Mofuse and Twittme, the VO mobile gives visitors full access to all a stream of high quality reporting and blogging as they keep you updated on Vancouver in and around the 2010 Olympic Games. Included is a directory of keywords that map out the different segments of the Olympics for quick and easy access to different twitter streams to make it easy to find news in real time. Just go to the mobile site on your device. (Standard Carrier Rates may apply)


To learn more about the offerings go to:


Mofuse’s mobile website platform supports over 4000+ devices with sites that work well with social media platforms. For any links that are displayed on twitter as news articles, when you click on the link you either go to the main website or the mobile website depending on the context. The Mofuse platform makes linking from Twitter to VO’s main website or its mobile site as easy as the tap of a finger.


Mobile is where millions access the internet and it’s how they either will or are already digesting the news. We want to be right where our readers are, providing them with the best writing about what’s happening in the city,” said Linda Solomon, publisher and editor-in-chief of VO.


“We decided to go with MoFuse because we loved the sophisticated technology they offered that makes navigating VO on a handheld device or cell phone so beautifully simple.”


“We are excited to be a part of the mobile solution for the Vancouver Observer”, said Annette Tonti, MoFuse CEO. “The 2010 Olympics present the perfect opportunity to showcase the power of combining news feeds from Twittme with a well designed mobile site. Instantaneous news, as it happens, all in the palm of your hand.”


If you are interested in joining the Vancouver reporter brigade and get your articles posted or tweeted as part of the Vancouver Observer, please contact us at If you are an active twitter and you will be reporting live the event, do not hesitate and join the team as part of the twitter list. Vancouver observer compiled a local directory of terms such as #VO2010, that will be listed in the mobile website.


About MoFuse, Inc.

MoFuse, the leader in mobile website management, makes it easy and affordable for any business to build and manage a mobile website. MoFuse (short for Mobile Fusion) is host to over 35,000 mobile sites from 145 different countries. Our Mobile Content Management platform provides a powerful site builder and site management tools for promotion and integration. We help our customers learn about their mobile audience though detailed metrics and give them a pathway to new revenue through mobile advertising. The platform enables any business to build relationships with their mobile audience and gather information about them with data capture forms. MoFuse optimizes your mobile site for over 5,000 different devices worldwide. Founded in 2007, the company offers solutions for every business, blogger, and organization. MoFuse is headquartered in Providence, RI. For more information, please visit:



About Vancouver Observer

With more than 150 reporters, bloggers and photographers, the Vancouver Observer has built its reputation on high-quality news reporting, analysis and feature writing. “If you haven’t read it yet, watch out. It’s going to become the ‘New Yorker of Vancouver,'” writes prominent social networker Ajay Puri.




About Twittme



VO has also launched a Twitter stream and directory powered by developer Twittme under hashtag #vo2010. This allows Olympic-watchers a fast way to access hundreds of stories about Olympic-related news. Twittme is an IT consultant that specializes in the area of web technologies and service Integration.



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