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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get traffic to my mobile site?

Good question! Once you build it, will they find it? There are a few important things to do in order to get traffic:

  1. Make sure that you install auto-detect and redirect code that MoFuse gives to you. You will find this under the Promote Menu on the Main Dashboard. Most people will just put your desktop URL into their mobile browser. With auto-detect and redirect in place, your visitors don’ t need to memorize a new URL.
  2. Use an easy to remember or guess domain name such as: or
  3. Include you mobile website URL in print materials and marketing collateral
  4. Promote, Promote, Promote… that is the answer!

Our IT department is already doing something with mobile

Great – you know the importance of having a mobile site

Also as new mobile phones come out, and new browser technologies will your IT team really have the time and expertise to keep up with all of the mobile possibilities out there?

More than building the site, making sure that site is optimized on so many different potential handsets… now and in the future as new ones are released… That is what we do really well!  So you and your IT team don’t have to.

People don’t use the mobile web the same way they use the desktop web.  That means they don’t surf… rather they are usually looking for something very specific from you – maybe programming notes, special deals for local events, connecting with you via click to call or finding your address

Will you leave it to the IT team to decide what goes on that mobile site?


We think we want to build an APP or We are building an App

Apps are great but used very differently than the mobile web.

You need to consider what happens when someone puts your URL into their mobile device because they are already doing it and it is likely not a great experience.  An App doesn’t address this problem.

The URL into their mobile web browser is a key branding experience… if it is bad your brand suffers

People will look for your brand using a mobile Search engine (using Google on mobile phone).  When your URL comes up and they click it – it will be a bad experience if you don’t have a mobile enabled site.


Why do I need auto detect and redirect code?

The best possible way to ensure that you give your viewers the optimal experience on the mobile web – is to not make them think!   If you use the MoFuse auto detect and redirect code or one of the appropriate plugins for your content management platform – you will be very successful in pleasing your mobile audience.

With the auto detect and redirect code in place – all your customer need do is to put your well-known desktop URL into their mobile browser and viola – your mobile site will appear automatically for a mobile user!  The code will detect that it is a mobile handset trying to access the destination at the URL.  Once mobile is detected – it will automatically direct the link to your mobile site hosted on MoFuse.


Won’t our current “desktop website” work fine on a mobile phone?

No not really, try it out and see.

Your desktop website was built for a screen 12 inches or bigger, the real estate alone will dictate that you need to rethink what your customers are doing when they are mobile and wanting to access your site.

Your mobile viewers will be using your site very differently on mobile and therefore you need to design for a mobile interaction.

Some of the technologies used on your desktop site (flash, java, etc) won’t work on the majority of mobile devices – you need to redesign a mobile site.

The load time is at least 3-10 times slower– if you try to load your desktop site on a mobile phone vs. a site designed for mobile.

Navigation on your desktop site will not work well for the mobile user.

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